Installing on Windows

You can choose one of two ways to work with SpatiaLite: one is command-line (CLI) and the other is graphical user interface (GUI) way. Regardless of your choice resulting databases are the same, so one can alternate between the two modes.

Actually, there is the third way, to use SpatiaLite as a library from your own code or from other tools, but let’s leave this for another article.


There are no installers, so select the appropriate archive for your OS and extract to some folder of your choice.

GUI version for 64-bit windows (amd64):

GUI version for 32-bit windows (amd64):

Command-line version for 64-bit windows (amd64):

Command-line version for 32-bit windows (amd64):

Download, unzip and launch the executable. For CLI, you should see something like this:

SpatiaLite version ..: 4.4.0-RC0 Supported Extensions:
- 'VirtualShape' [direct Shapefile access]
- 'VirtualDbf' [direct DBF access]
- 'VirtualXL' [direct XLS access]
- 'VirtualText' [direct CSV/TXT access]
- 'VirtualNetwork' [Dijkstra shortest path]
- 'RTree' [Spatial Index - R*Tree]
- 'MbrCache' [Spatial Index - MBR cache]
- 'VirtualSpatialIndex' [R*Tree metahandler]
- 'VirtualElementary' [ElemGeoms metahandler]
- 'VirtualKNN' [K-Nearest Neighbors metahandler]
- 'VirtualXPath' [XML Path Language - XPath]
- 'VirtualFDO' [FDO-OGR interoperability]
- 'VirtualGPKG' [OGC GeoPackage interoperability]
- 'VirtualBBox' [BoundingBox tables]
- 'SpatiaLite' [Spatial SQL - OGC]
PROJ.4 version ......: Rel. 4.9.2, 08 September 2015
GEOS version ........: 3.5.0-CAPI-1.9.0 r4084
LWGEOM version ......: 2.3.0dev
TARGET CPU ..........: x86_64-w64-mingw32
the SPATIAL_REF_SYS table already contains some row(s)
SQLite version ......: 3.9.2
Enter ".help" for instructions
SQLite version 3.9.2 2015-11-02 18:31:45
Enter ".help" for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"

and for GUI, this:

SpatiaLite GUI window just after the launch. No database opened.
SpatiaLite GUI window just after the launch. No database opened.

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